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Agriculture Application

Saves your time makes you money and give you peace of mind

  • Planting Profits™ is a new planning tool that will change the way you plan.Planting Profits™ helps growers quickly analyze all of their possible combinations of crops and acreage to maximize profit while considering market and production risks and asset utilization. It’s revolutionary and a game changer…

    Planting Profits™ is not recordkeeping but it turns your farm records into gold. There’s nothing else like it! Planting Profits™ is available on-line and is free to use. There’s no software to buy or maintain. Planting Profits™ also provides on-line consulting services. Our trained consultants will work with you over the Internet using Planting Profits™ to evaluate all of your crop/acreage/field combinations.

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Key benefits

C4BSolutions’s Agriculture Application gives you:

  • Identifies the most profitable crop/field/acreage combinations.
  • Saves time by providing you with the ability to quickly access all of your production alternatives.
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ve evaluated all of your crop mix alternatives and selected the one that’s best for you in terms of estimated income, risk and asset utilization.
  • You can also use a Planting Profits™ certified production planning expert to work with you live, on-line to help you develop your Production Plan.

Agriculture App service blueprint

  • Gather and Enter Farm Data and Information
  • Build Your Custom Farm Model
  • The technical expertise and experience required to integrate systems across the enterprise and make them work together.
  • Develop and Compare Alternative Strategies Based on the Things You Control
  • Analyze Hi-Impact Scenarios Based on Things You Can’t Control
Risk Minimization
Cost Optimization
Efficiency Improvement