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Software Development

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  • C4BSolutions embraces standards, including SOA and MITA. We actively apply the philosophy of reuse, modularity, and separation of concerns to our software design and development. We create loosely-coupled, highly-integrated products and solutions and standardize nonfunctional components by creating common services.

    We incorporate a series of iterations, each involving varying degrees of requirements gathering, design, development, and testing. The initial iterations will be primarily focused on requirements and design, while the later iterations will focus on testing. Iterations during the middle of the project will focus on configuration and coding. Nevertheless, each iteration will contain some portion of all aspects of the software development life cycle.

    We have found that a significant drawback with the traditional waterfall-based software development methodology is the significant amount of time spent between system design and testing. During this time, you may not have any visibility into the progress of the application development and, when the system is finally released for testing, the end product is substantially different from what the client envisioned, allowing very little time to correct any issues. We provide numerous iterations, each involving review and providing a mechanism to incorporate feedback into subsequent iterations, which allows the project to continually adjust to best meet your needs while controlling project risk.

    Our approach is focused on producing results quickly, but not by bypassing key documentation and design steps. Core design activities are necessary to implement complex systems, and our approach incorporates a comprehensive design component.

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Implementing Complex Systems
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