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Systems Integration

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  • C4BSolutions knows the critical importance of measuring the success of any large-scale systems integration project against business needs, rather than detailed technical requirements. Verifying the software addresses specific detailed functional and non-functional requirements, while addressing granular needs and features, does not provide assurances that the solution meets the intended business need. We leverage best practices and reusable business processes through business process re-engineering versus developing one-off, “as-is,” customized, or proprietary solutions that are costly to maintain.

    C4BSolutions works closely and collaboratively with you to validate that the functions of the system are appropriately aligned with policy and practices. This means that we appreciate the “why” behind the RFP in business terms, while knowing the importance of the “how” and “what” aspects included in the RFP in technical terms

    As a Systems Integrator, C4BSolutions ensures that key resources stay current in the knowledge and use of data storage technology and management products. Masterful acumen and understanding are absolutely critical to our business.

    Clear expectations, established before the work on any deliverable commences, enables C4BSolutions and you to eliminate risk though the formalized Deliverable Expectations Document (DED). We have used the DED concept on our systems integration project and found great utility in identifying issues with a deliverable before work has started. Doing so saves valuable time and resource effort that simply cannot be wasted in a time-constrained project.

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Large-Scale Systems Integration
Business Process Re-engineering
System and Policy Alignment