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Medicaid eligibility solution

Reducing the burden of program administration

  • Medicaid policy is meant to deliver the right benefits to the right people at the right time. But too often, long and costly technology builds mean those policies are implemented too slowly to measure success. And even once the right systems are in place, they often can’t be adapted easily or cost-effectively to policy changes.

    C4BSolutions’s Medicaid eligibility solution gives power to your policy. We take a business-driven, not technology-limited, approach so business processes can be assembled quickly using well-defined modules on a shared infrastructure.

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Key benefits

C4BSolutions’s Medicaid eligibility solution gives you:

  • An architectural foundation for your MMIS.
  • Faster delivery of new functionality so you can spend less time building and more time solving business problems.
  • Best-in-class functional applications that can be easily added, changed, or removed as business needs evolve, with minimal impact to the business.
  • The power to integrate new functionality and add value to systems you’ve already invested in.
  • The common capabilities needed in multiple systems so you don’t have to rebuild common functions every time you deliver a new solution.
  • The ability to reuse common capabilities so you don’t have to pay for something you already have.
  • A reduced total cost of ownership through a long-term investment in reusable, shareable components.

Medicaid Made Easier with C4BSolutions

We’ve combined our technical expertise with a deep understanding of the system and functional silo challenges for health and human services. Our solution helps states:

  • Meet business needs through functional administrative modules that can be plugged in or replaced quickly without shaking the entire foundation.
  • Create a shared architectural foundation that is used for all constituents and programs across your Medicaid enterprise.
  • Obtain full integration of systems across the enterprise so they work together.

C4BSolutions’s Medicaid eligibility solution gives you:

  • An architectural foundation for your Medicaid enterprise.
  • A single, streamlined application point for multiple programs.
  • An eligibility connector that ties together eligibility determination engines across the enterprise.
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Cost Optimization
Efficiency Improvement